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In 1972, Ki Ageng Widyanto Suryo lane (1949-2012) or familiarly called Widyanto moved to Jakarta from Wonogiri, a city in Central Java known for its traditional food, one meatball. As Wonogiri, she started her business selling meatballs which is one of the expertise of the community Wonogiri hereditary. In 1982, he authorized kiosks meatballs in front Shooting Senayan Jakarta (has now become the Hotel Mulia).

With hard work and perseverance along with specialized skills to make meatballs not be surprised if the meatballs were made by him much liked by all people, from schoolchildren, athletes, office workers and even leaders masyarakat.Informasi from mouth to mouth, he meatballs customers continue to grow even meatball stall he has been insufficient so that customers enjoy many meatballs in their own vehicles. Meatball shop business he continues to grow, at least in 1998 alone, he has had seven branches are successfully developed. There are a few tricks that make customers Meatball Senayan Shooting continues to grow.

First, his commitment not to use chemicals as preservatives and meatballs are produced from fresh meat as well as the composition of meat in the meatballs nearly 90%, this secret recipe handed down from generation to generation and will be properly maintained to this day. In 2002, Mr.. Widyanto changing its marketing strategy and wants to extend the traditional dishes of meatballs better known to all people, for that he dared to open stores in shopping centers and malls class turned out to be really enthusiastic public response and Meatballs Senayan Shooting very welcome. He was challenged to continue to expand its business to the shopping centers, he also uses a system of partnerships to accelerate and expand its business.

Currently, meatballs Shooting Senayan has been scattered throughout the archipelago and will continue to grow. On July 9, 2011 Mr. Widyanto leave this world for ever but that does not mean Meatballs Shooting disappeared with him, because the spirit of hard work and perseverance, he has bequeathed to the next generation. With a passion inherited Bpk.Widyanto Meatball Senayan Shooting will continue to grow by always keeping the standardization of quality, innovation, and strive to be the best. We continue to be committed to improving the quality of service quality as well as a restaurant that elevates and preserve traditional Indonesian cuisine to be better known throughout the country and even abroad.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM

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Location : Bakso Lapangan Tembak Mega Mall, Mega Mall Batam Center, Jalan Daeng Kamboja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 470518

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