Batam Regions Will Have New Vegetable Suppliers - Berkunjung Batam


Needs vegetables in Batam is very high. 65 percent is taken from the outside.

To meet these needs, Bank Indonesia (BI) in collaboration with the Department of Marine Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry (KP2K) Batam build agricultural areas in Pulau Air King, Galang, Batam.

"Kepri not an agricultural area, but still has potential because they have a lot of empty islands. For example, in Pulau Bulang. So now we are trying to do organic farming in the Air King, "said the Head of Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Kepri, Gusti Raizal island Eka Putera Air King, Galang, yesterday (5/9).

Gusti told that farming in the island Bulang quite successful, because it has been able to export to Singapore. "Then why not for the King Air island. Here land area of ​​about 200 hectares, could be developed for agriculture, "he said.

In line with Gusti, Head of KP2K Batam, Suhartini revealed BI and KP2K will help provide organic fertilizer, seeds chili, vegetables, onion, cucumber and others.

"The important thing is unacceptable in the market Batam. We will continue to encourage it to meet the needs of the community in Batam and Air King can increase their income from farming, "he said.

He then said to facilitate the marketing, later a group of farmers in the King Air will be divided into a number of groups with the chairman of each.

"They will be assisted by the cooperative," he said.

In response, Lurah Air King, the King Harmizi greatly appreciate all these steps. However, he also did not forget to mention the constraints faced by the people of the island Air King when they want to farm.

"Actually, we have long farmed, but a lot of interference, especially from wild pigs and monkeys," he explained.

Wild pigs and monkeys is often destructive farming areas and orchards owned by local people so it is very troublesome. Another constraint is the monopoly price.

"Traders in Batam has to make a contract with a trader from outside the Riau Islands on prices. And the price for our production eventually fall, "he explained.

Suhartini were also present along with 016 Batam Kodim Chief of Staff, Major Infantry, M.Renaldy and Danramil 04 Galang, Captain R. Nainggolan said he will think of ways to overcome these pests.

"We will also ask the military to overcome this," he promised.

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