Dinkes Kepri Show 3 Referral Hospital Due to Virus Zika - Berkunjung Batam


Riau Islands Provincial Health Office set three referral hospitals viral diseases zika as anticipatory measures the spread of a dangerous virus ITU.

"There are three hospitals, namely Hospital Fatimah Embung in Batam, Dr Raja Ahmad Tahir in Tanjungpinang and Bintan, and Karimun Karimun District Hospital," said Chief Medical Officer Riau Islands Province Tjetjep Yudiana in Batam, Riau Islands, on Tuesday.

Three district hospitals were prepared to receive public complaints related to the circulation of the virus that has now spread to Singapore it.

Actually, according Tjetjep disease management that does not require special isolation room as other malicious viruses.

"Transmission is only by mosquitoes, not through the air and others," he said.

People are asked to not be overly concerned with viruses that attack the fetus's brain. When the environment is clean and no mosquitoes zika then the virus will not spread.

Even so, he warned the public to be vigilant in the virus incubation period is two to seven days.

When a family member who caught the fever should be immediately taken to the hospital. "Do not be haphazard fever-lowering drugs," said Tjetjep.

In the same place, Chief Medical Officer of Rizal Chandra Batam invites the public to implement a clean and healthy life to avoid zika virus.

"And increase endurance," he warned.

Riau Islands provincial government conducted a series of anticipating the spread of the virus zika after Singapore authorities announced finding cases of the virus in the State Lions.

Riau is a province bordering with Singapore waters.

Kepri there are dozens of ports that serve cruise direct from Singapore carries more than one million tourists annually.

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