History Batam - Berkunjung Batam


Batam is one of the islands in the Riau Archipelago. Batam is an island of 329 islands located between the Straits of Malacca and Singapore as a whole make up the area of ​​Batam. Because of the scarcity of written records of this island, there is only one literature that mention the name of Batam, namely the Treaty of London which regulate the division of powers between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. However, according to the cruise of China, the island has been inhabited since 231 AD when Singapore was still called Ujung Island.

Before special attention from the central government, Batam, an island in the form of empty wilderness with almost no pulse of life. However, there are some groups of people who first inhabited this island. They work as fishing and farming. They were not much involved in changing the physical shape of the island is an expanse of wilderness.

In 1970 Batam was developed as a logistical and operational base for the oil and gas industry by Pertamina. Then based on Kepres No. 41 In 1973, the construction of Batam entrusted to a government agency called the Batam Industrial Development Authority or now known as the Bureau of Batam (BP Batam). In order to implement the vision and mission to develop Batam, then built a variety of modern international standard infrastructure and various other facilities, so it is expected to compete with similar areas in Asia Pacific.

In recent years it has rolled out the implementation of the Free Trade Zone Batam (FTZ Batam), Bintan, and Karimun which refers to UU No. 36 of the Free Trade Zone and Free Port and then changed several times through PERPU, resulting in legislated into UU No. 44 of 2007 . There is also Act 36 of 2000 About the "Stipulation of Government Regulation in UU No. 1 of 2000 on the Free Trade Zone and Free Port Become Law and many Act others associated with FTZ Batam. Then at the time of the end of office of the members DPR center in 2009, along with the central government discussed the Law on Special Economic Zones (SEZ), which will be an umbrella for the establishment of Special Economic Zones in Batam area and other areas in Indonesia.

Great progress has been achieved so far, as tersediannya various business fields that can accommodate a workforce that comes from almost all regions in the country. So is the number of the reception area and the center from time to time continue to increase. It is not because of the increasingly widespread industrial activity, trade, control of the ship, and tourism. However, as a rapidly growing area, Batam also not immune from problems. For this reason, the development of Batam Island be improved so as to complement the existing shortcomings.

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