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Octopuss Spa Batam now present as a special spa for men in the city of Batam. Outstanding amenities, you can relax and pamper your body is tired after working with very satisfactory results.

Octopuss Spa Batam with spa facilities and entertainment concept brings jacuzzi, sauna, steam, oxygen chamber, tread mill, and other fitness equipment. And therapists who are trained, skilled, professional and very friendly, specially coming from the city of Bandung.

After you enjoy Spa treatments here, then you can also enjoy the taste of our food in the cafe, which also can inspire your culinary tastes. Octopuss Spa Batam with luxury interior design and there is also a balcony room that resembles a cruise ship you can enjoy. From the balcony of these rooms you can relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Batam, because Octopuss located on the 8th floor of Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam.

Octopuss Spa Batam from the city of Bandung also has opened branches in several other major cities such as Jakarta, Lampung, Palembang and Jambi.

Do not wait too long, fast; Come and try the service and the attractiveness of our Octopus Spa, Pacific Palace Hotel Batam, Floor 8.

Time Open : 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam 

Location : Octopuss Men's Health And Executive Spa, Jl. Duyung Sei. Jodoh, Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam, 29432, Indonesia

Call Service : +62 778 7436666

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