Tax Amnesty Encourage Investment Development Batam - Berkunjung Batam


Amnesty Tax policy will bring huge profits to the development of investment in Batam. Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam looking at these policies can be co-located inside of the policies that have been released by the investment management institution.

"Tax Amnesty is very interesting. Especially in relation to the development of competitive industrial area in Batam, "said Deputy V BP Batam, Gusmardi Bustami, yesterday (29/7).

Batam potential. Various types of industry could be developed. Fresh funds that many unemployed in the banking sector due to revenue from the Tax Amnesty fund could encourage industry to grow like mushrooms in the rainy season.

There is a multiplier effect that encourages profit doubled in the various sectors. Perception Bank which is the entrance gate will be an abundance of funds amnesty lot of idle funds, and of course will encourage the growth of demand for bank credit.

BP Batam still said Gusmarti even can also encourage the construction of an airfield towards higher grade again. "Batam could be aerotropolis city," he said.

By leveraging this moment, Batam could grow into the center of the city-based Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition.

"His studies contrived middle, but Batam inevitably lead there," he said.

Gusmardi optimistic with this because the performance of the development of investment plans that go until June recorded a good result. According to data issued licenses principle Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam, development of investment plans up to June 2016, there were 97 projects with an investment of 361 million US Dollars.

Last year there were 98 projects with an investment of 225 million US Dollars. The increase in the investment plan is good news for the world of investment and employment in Batam.

And of that number, 25 percent dominated by the metal industry, metal goods, machinery and electronics.

"The next 33 percent dominated by trade and repair, property 10 percent, transportation 13 percent, 19 percent and other services," he said again.

Meanwhile, if viewed from the country of origin which contribute investment in Batam, 42 percent of the 97 projects are held by Singapore, and China by 9 percent, South Korea 8 percent, India 7 percent, and the other 34 percent.

However, one thing is very important to be addressed by BP Batam today is the problem of land, because its roots all came from there. "If the land status was clear, then everything can be realized," he concluded.

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