The Ethnic and Culture in Batam - Berkunjung Batam


Batam is multi-ethnic city where there are a variety of various ethnic groups from all over Indonesia and the world. Nevertheless Malay culture is synonymous with Islam is still so strong in this area that is at the root of the local culture. In everyday life there are ceremonies have religious and mythical elements which expressed in dance, music, and various forms of art.

There are some popular traditional dances, as well as The Jogi dance Zapin dance
That reflects the strong influence of Arab culture. There are also dance offerings are usually done while welcoming the guest of honor. In addition there is a drama Mak Yong dance drama and song, tell about a country called "Boisterous", which is believed to be the origin of the name Riau province. The country is governed by a wise and popular king, until one day the king was surprised and embarrassed because her daughter did not give birth to a human baby, but a "slug gondang".

Confused by this news he ordered newborns to be discharged into the woods. A few years later the snails are known began to grow, and the king asked that the snails were brought to the royal palace and then shell destroyed. King became a joy and were surprised to see a beautiful princess who emerged from the shells that have been damaged. then the king gave him the name of Princess Siput Gondang (Siput Gondang Princess).

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