United Kingdom Admire Shipbuilding Industry in Batam - Berkunjung Batam


Entourage British embassy in Jakarta visited the industrial area of ​​the shipyard PT Citra Shipyard in Seilekop, Sagulung, Monday (09/05/2016) afternoon. The visit aims to determine the potential of existing shipyard in Batam.

During the visit Mr. Phil Wyithe as the Deputy Director Of Trade Investment British Embassy Jakarta was quite amazed with the situation and circumstances existing shipyard in Batam, especially PT Citra Shipyard.

He considered that the development of shipbuilding companies and other companies are generally pretty good. In the future it will seek to promote or recommend the shipbuilding industry, especially the situation that there is abroad, especially to England to be working well in shipbuilding projects, as well as procurement of goods other industries.

"Yeah pretty nice and we will try to establish cooperation with outsiders, so that together continue to evolve," he said.

From the results of discussions with PT Citra Shipyard, Mr Philip said the situation in the industry is quite competitive Batam City could have the opportunity of cooperation with the United Kingdom for the manufacture of fishing vessels, container ports, hotels, and even airplanes. "A lot of opportunities and we will be considered later on," he said.

Cooperative effort championed it says Philip was not merely for the sake of his country but also the progress of the companies that exist in Indonesia. Because with the cooperation that the two sides will exchange views atauapun products and technology so that the quality of production would be great.

General Manager of PT Citra Shipyard, Abi representing President Director of PT Citra Shipyard Aly Ulay welcomed the visit. To the British embassy, ​​Abi said, is the company especially in Batam shipyard companies need support from all parties, including other countries.

The latter condition shipbuilding industry sempa down really needed the cooperation of all parties to re-excited.

"It would be very good if there is cooperation and mutual support with overseas companies. Our appreciation for it, "says Abi.

Admittedly, there are currently Abi discourse of PT Citra Shipyard to build a number of projects such as a container port, jetty, fishing boats so it is necessary modern equipment.

"We need a modern design and equipment, and if there is an offer of cooperation we are ready," says Abi.

Besides the presence of the visit, Abi hoped that the British embassy can bring projects from the outside to Batam, especially in PT Citra Shipyard so that the shipbuilding industry in Batam increasingly succeeding in the future.

Present during the visit representatives Supervisory Body (BP) Batam namely Purnomo Andiantono as promotions and public relations director of BP Batam.

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