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Minggu, 25 September 2016

Excelso Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Early establishment of Excelso

Excelso first opened in September 1991 in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, to support the new coffee brand created by PT. Santos Jaya Abadi at that time, namely coffee Excelso. Coffee Excelso made and marketed remain in the form of coffee beans with reason:

Meeting the needs of the upper middle class coffee
Removing image coffee blend (coffee mixed with corn)
The coffee of the highest quality is still shaped and freshly ground beans if it will be brewed, so really awake flavor.

Excelso cafe was established to support the marketing and image to be created for the coffee Excelso. By selecting the upper middle class market, the coffee Excelso can only be found in certain supermarkets and at Kafe Excelso own. With the cafe Excelso, then the public can enjoy coffee brewed directly so booked (ground and brewed directly in the engine), with the best quality of coffee that are only in Kafe Excelso.

developments Excelso
Since it was founded until now, Excelso continues to grow in the number of outlets, the concept of service, design and type of coffee, food and drinks were served. This is in line with the demands of the people who made the coffee as part of the lifestyle.

Number of outlets Excelso has now reached 126 pieces outlets scattered in more than 30 cities in Indonesia, namely:

Note: * (Data Update: 11 January 2016)

And to capture a larger market again, Cafe Excelso also developed the concept of services tailored to the potential of existing locations as well as the purchasing power of the surrounding community. The concept of this service are:

Coffee, coffee and coffee

Whatever the concept of the run, coffee remains the main menu in Excelso. Visit Excelso de'EXCELSO or cafe, then a wide selection of coffee can be found on the first pages of the book menu.

The types of coffee that can be found in Excelso among others:

Single Origin Coffee

* Coffee Indonesia

Civet coffee
Kalosi Toraja
Lanang Coffee Toraja
Sumatra Mandheling
Java Estate
* International Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain
Brazilian Santos 3
Columbia Supremo
Blend Coffee

Excelso House Blend
Supremoo Excelso Blend
Premium Robusta
Afternoon Blend
Special decaff
In addition it also created a variety of coffee drinks with a mixture of both hot and cold, for example some very famous drinks are Avocado Coffee, Coffee Float, Mega Mocha Shake, Pearl Coffee and Frappio, namely frozen coffee drink that is very delicious with multiple choices of taste.

But of course, in Excelso available also a selection of beverages that are not made from coffee, especially for those who do not like coffee. Wide selection of teas and fruit drinks with the basic ingredients available to you.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam 

Location : Excelso, Mega Mall Batam Center Lt. 2, Jalan Engku Putri No. 1, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : +62 778 470235


Tre Cipolle Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Tre cipolle is a cafe in Batam, with a menu mainstay of the pizza, western-Asian food, with coffee typical race. A strategic place, clean and modern interior.

Time Open : 06:30 AM - 11:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam 

Location : Tre Cipolle, kompleks mahkota raya batam center, Indonesia

Call Service : None


The Sumii Cafe & Resto - Batam Centre Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Present in complex commercial Chrysanthemum Taman Indah Blok I No. 20-21, Batam Centre, opposite the Royal Grande.

In this place, consumers will be spoiled with some food menu options.

Starting from the flavor typical Indonesian food, western food, Japanese food, and Chinese food.
Here also offered a snack menu that is suitable for breakfast, like Sumi Sandwich and American B'Fast.

Time Open : 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Website : Not Found

Location : The Sumii Cafe & Resto - Batam Centre, Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Call Service : +62 778 477568


Kamis, 22 September 2016

Hook COFFEE Shop Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Hook Coffee Shop who have long been present in Batam Coffee Shop offers a library concept.
The cafe is located in the commercial Bunga Raya, Baloi, Batam, forward the concept pioneered by Heritage still want to give something different for fans of coffee in Batam.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam 

Location : Hook COFFEE Shop, Jalan Bunga Raya, Batu Selicin, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : None


Piccola Stella D'Almanna Batam - Berkunjung Batam

From an organic store, Almanna Organics at one corner in Khazanah Plaza Sukajadi Batam, this is all started. We supplied good quality of organic products to many restaurants in all over Batam. Then we thought, why don't we start our own restaurant, using our good and healthy products added with a warm and kind service that comes from the heart .

Then Piccola Stella d'Almanna was born, The Little Star of Almanna. Where everyone can find the star quality of great food and service at one corner of Batam Island, Indonesia. We wish the little star will keep shining, since we also use the profit to support many children in education. We wish these children will grow and shine bright too, just like a star.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam 

Location : Piccola Stella D'Almanna, Ruko Dermaga Blok RK No. 9, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

Call Service : 0822-8321-0009


WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam - Berkunjung Batam

WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam that Provides its guests with needs of relaxation, enjoyment, and the joys of being invigorated, and pampered. Our skilled therapists have received top, quality training to provide our guests massage services that Compete at a global level.

WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam describes the holistic well-being of a person and how the body is well cared for to Obtain maximum inner balance and beauty.

The Cats Whisker flower was chosen to represent WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam due to the parallels of both flower and bring the brand name. The foundation of the parallels is in the holistic therapeutic, widespread benefits and healing the body receives.

The Cats Whisker herb has a string of medical properties to treat and cure various kinds of diseases of acute and chronic kidney infections, rheumatoid, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections (cystitis). The leaves Contain potassium (Boorsma), and glycosides that dissolves uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Also it may be consumed as a tea beverage.

Our team of professional therapists undergo an intensive 2 month skills and assessment program. Therapists are required to competently perform the full suite of technical competencies in therapies offered, and specific behavioral competencies in customer orientation and service, handling difficult, situations and feedback, and work organization. Continuous assessments are performed to Ensure our professional therapists are performing at an excellent level.

Time Open : 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Website : Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Well Asih, Ruko KDA Junction, Block C2 No. 3, Batam Center, Kepulauan Riau

Call Service : +62 778 7495 485


Rabu, 21 September 2016

Mesjid Raya Batam - Berkunjung Batam

The Grand Mosque (Mesjid Raya) Batam Centre is located at Batam Government Center, adjacent to the Batam mayor’s Office, Councils building, International Ferry Terminal Batam Center and Mega Mall shopping center, precisely located at Jl. Engku Putri. This Mosques has a beautiful 'pyramid' architecture. Quite good but already looks a bit old.

Mesjid Raya Batam Center is the biggest mosque in Batam. The location is very strategic you can reach it within 3 minutes from the International Port of Batam Center, 20 minutes from International Airport Hang Nadim and 20 minutes from Nagoya which is the business center in Batam.

In the region of Mesjid Raya Batam Center is also as boarding pilgrims and several conference hall, the area is very large. This mosque has unique characteristic where inside the mosque there is no pole so it looks very spacious. And also it has twin tower. With the Middle Eastern-style architecture with decorated by beautiful ornaments it makes the Mesjid Raya Batam Center looks more beautiful, especially at the night with headlights that make more majestic. This mosque was designed by same architect with one of mosque in Sulawesi that’s why it looks similar with one of the mosque in Sulawesi.

Location : Masjid Raya Batam, Jalan Engku Putri, Teluk Tering, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia


Minggu, 18 September 2016

HOBBY PET SHOP Batam - Berkunjung Batam

For you animal lovers, no longer need to bother or loss for products that are necessary for your pet. HOBBY PET SHOP is now online providing all kinds of purposes of your pet. Ranging from food, pet accessories, cages, toys, playhouse, shampoos, vitamins, medicine, milk, etc., can be ordered online.

Wherever you are in the area (covered by delivery services Pos Indonesia, TIKI, JNE, sea and land expeditions, etc.) Indonesia, we are ready to serve you!
Serving retail and wholesale sales.
HOBBY PET SHOP also go offline.

Time Open : 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Hobbies Pet Shop, Ruko Permata Niaga Sukajadi, Jalan Sudirman, Sukajadi, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 7307215


Sabtu, 17 September 2016

Bandara International Hang Nadim Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Bandara Hang Nadim  (IATA code: BTH, ICAO: WIDD), also known as Hang Nadim International Airport, located in Batam, Riau Islands (part of Sumatra), Indonesia. It is the only airport on the island of Batam.

Hang Nadim Airport is located on Batam Island, south of Singapore Airports Hang Nadim airport also has proven to be fairly effective. Originally developed as an alternative to Changi Airport, Singapore if perceived in an emergency that forced the plane to land immediately, Hang Nadim airport also has a runway that is the longest in Indonesia 4,000 meters), enough for a plane wide-body Boeing 747 and supported by the terminal to serve more passengers. However Changi developed to grow, and growth Sijori triangular area that has 4 airports, including the Sultan Ismail International Airport (SENAI Airport) in Johor Bahru and Seletar Airport.

Time Open : 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Bandar Udara Internasional Hang Nadim, Jalan Hang Nadim No.01, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29466, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 761507


Rabu, 14 September 2016

Cafe Dapur Legato Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Dapur Legato is a cafe with modern desain, and the menu is general food and drink and the price also medium price. Dapur Legato place is very comfortable, clean, and so many other.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Komp. Ruko Purimas Blok A No. 1, Batam Center, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : 0822 - 8381 - 7171


Kalea Spa Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Situated in the heart of Batam Centre, KALEA Spa blends in the concept of traditional and modern healing techniques with natural ingredients as well as the therapeutic touch of our highly skilled therapists, to give a deep sense of relaxation, long lasting beauty and ultimate wellbeing. With our aim to best deliver our signature Balinese massages, we have also flew in certified Balinese trainer and a group of skilled therapists which will remain with us permanently to provide customers the best spa experience.

Our spa artisans emphasize greatly on product quality where high efforts are used to source for natural ingredients and organic herbs from the Indonesian archipelago, all of which have many benefits for our health, skin and overall wellbeing. With these products, we are set to give you an organic head-to-toe pampering sessions with our wide varieties of treatments ranging from Spa Indulgences, Spa-licious (where you can customize any spa treatments for up to 8.5 hours at Rp2,400,000), body and foot massages, manicure and pedicure therapy as well as facial, waxing and hair treatments.

KALEA Spa has also established VIP spa rooms where there are built in steam rooms that can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people. In addition, we are also providing complimentary two-way pick up transfer within Batam Centre, Habour Bay and Nagoya districts and a reasonable charge within Sekupang and Nongsa neighbourhood for any treatments of up to Rp 800,000 booked with us.
Now, come and get pampered in the calm and relaxing atmosphere at KALEA Spa that takes your body, mind and soul to pure serenity.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Kalea Spa, Ruko Palm Spring Blok A 2 No. 6 & 7, Batam Centre, Batam. Kepulauan Riau,Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 4800432


Celebrity Fitness Kepri Mall Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Enjoy all the energy, vibe and fun of working out in a group and a great way to make friends! From dance to yoga, our group classes cater to different preferences, fitness disciplines and proficiencies. You can choose and try as many classes that suit you!

Celebrity Fitness also raises the bar in the industry as a leading fitness chain with the most International Presenters across a plethora of fitness programs and international certifications including Head Program Coach for Les Mills' Bodycombat, and Master Trainers in the latest functional fitness methods like IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation), BOSU, Weck Method, Twist Training and ViPR to name a few.

All our group classes are led by only officially certified instructors, so you’re guaranteed that you’re training with only the real deal!

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Website :   Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Celebrity Fitness, Kepri Mall, Jalan Sudirman, Sukajadi, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 7490179


Mega Mall Batam Centre Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Shopping center Mega Mall was built in the CBD (Central Business District) Batam are Batam Centre, so we called MEGA MALL - BATAM CENTRE, mall is directly connected by a bridge to the International Ferry Terminal - Batam Centre, which has now reached capacity turnaround tourists and business people from foreign countries and Singapore about ± 300,000 people per month are served by a 98 day trip ferry transportation to the destination of Singapore - Batam Centre - Singapore or equal to 2,940 trips per month.

The geographical position of MEGA MALL - BATAM CENTRE is located has the potential to build an international business, especially in the field of retail and F & B, on the grounds, among others:
Batam Island is located right next to the Southeast of Singapore that we know as one of the world's financial center and a shopping heaven with a distance of only ± 20 Miles from Batam Centre.

The rental price of shopping centers in Singapore 10 times more expensive than in Batam - Indonesia (1:10).
Standard wages paid retail company in Singapore, a 10-fold higher compared in Batam.
Harbor Front Ferry Terminal Singapore has been linked directly to the MRT network to the entire country of Singapore, so that Singaporeans who live in extreme among other western area of Woodland, the northern region of Punggol and the east Pasir Ris, can more easily towards Mega Mall - Batam Centre which has facilitated 98 cruise ferry trip majors Singapore - Batam Centre (PP) per day.

On the other hand with a comparison rate of Rp. 6.776 = SGD 1:00, this condition certainly provide a boost more significant for citizens of Singapore for shopping in Batam with a very cheap price, especially when it has reached the transport network is practical, the mall also provides a shuttle bus that serves the tourists towards places like Hotel, Plaza and other nearby attractions.

Time Open : 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Mega Mall Batam Centre, Jl. Engku Putri No. 1, Teluk Tering, Batam Kota, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : None


Spa Central Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Spa Central are a professional, clean, and family friendly Day Spa located centrally in Batam Centre between KEPRI Mall and the new Radisson Golf & Convention Centre.  Spa Central aim to provide you with the best Spa experience in Batam at the right price.

Experience the Spa Central difference – Spa Central enjoy serving you!

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Spa Central Batam, 2nd Floor Clubhouse Central Sukajadi The Central Sukajadi, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : 0821-6990-0341


Selasa, 13 September 2016

Natasha Skin Clinic Center (Skin Care) Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Fitness facials and skin beauty clinic that combines the latest technology in skin care and professionals who are ready to help you realize the dream of a healthy skin and manicured. NATASHA understand that the skin is a gift that needs to get special treatment, because no skin is created equal. Our commitment is to always provide the best service in the hands of professionals handal.Dengan concept Nature Meets Technology is a perfect blend of cosmetic active ingredients of botanical / herbal beauty tools with high-tech, beautiful and maintained a healthy skin is no longer just a dream.

NATASHA Skin Clinic Center also realize each individual requires different handling, especially the skin on their teens, adult men and women. For that Natasha also develop products specific to the category Teen, Men and Women. Whatever type of skin, regardless of your age, Natasha treatments provide optimal results and secure.

Being a leading company in Indonesia in the field of facial beauty treatments with major quality and excellent service.

1. Build a reliable company that is able to exceed customer expectations.
2. Improve competencies through improved skills, knowledge, attitude to training routine.
3. Conduct regular innovation both in products and technologies beauty, nature meet technology.
4. Enhance cooperation among divisions.
5. Creating added value with high integrity. Being a leading company in Indonesia in the field of facial beauty treatments with major quality and excellent service.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Natasha Skin Clinic Center (Skin Care) Batam, Mega Mall Center First Floor No. 261 262,, Jalan Raja Haji Fisabilillah, Batam City, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 470282


Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Batam - Berkunjung Batam

So that the skin back to its best, pigmentation problems should be addressed thoroughly. Ready to send out your beautiful skin color? Please visit the Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Batam to overcome all the problems of the skin. Especially at this time of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Batam are providing attractive promotions for various aesthetic medical treatments.

Time Open : 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Komplek Mahkota Raya Blok C No. 9-11, Jl. Mahkota Raya, Batam Center, Batam Kota, Teluk Tering, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 7483004


Restaurant Sei Enam Seafood Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Available Parking, Parking Roadside, Wheel Chair Access, Presents Alcohol, Accepting Mastercard, Visa Receiving, Digital Payment, Cash Only, Free Wi-Fi, Take Away, Reservations, Seat, Waiter, Validated Parking, Available Seat Height

Time Open : 10:30 AM - 9:30 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Nusantara Golden Blok A, No. 4-6, Jalan Engku Putri, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 7486721


Point Break Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Point Break as the best retail products surf, skate, street and fashion lifestyle in Indonesia under the auspices of PT ksatriya Isis start of January 2016, PT ksatriya Isis had stood since 2005, is a subsidiary of PT jarosite Indonesia which stood from 1994, the growing company advancing the surf retail Industrie in Indonesia and expand one of the major surf brand. Point Break Online Store as SURF ON LINE STORE FIRST in Indonesia was developed with the aim to reach out to target markets outside of the retail network that is at the same time provide more services for all loyal customers and potential customers that until now could not be reached by surf retailers in Indonesia.

With the development of technology very rapidly now, we offer the system on line store that is easily understood and supported by a customer service that is ready to provide all information required in determining the selection of the desired product.

On line store Point Break is supported by official berlicensi products and companies in charge of the distribution of these brands in Indonesia.

Time Open : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Point Break, Mega Mall Batam Center Ground Floor, Jalan Engku Putri, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : (0778) 470141


Optik Melawai - Mega Mall Batam - Berkunjung Batam

We provide the best quality and widest range of exclusive optical product with proven reputation for the highest customer satisfaction. Founded in 1981 at Jalan Melawai No. 191, South Jakarta, Optik Melawai now has the most number of outlets in major cities throughout Indonesia.

This chain of optical stores targets the middle and uper-middle class market with fashionable, quality products sold in prime locations. Optik Melawai is well known for its wide range of high end quality optical products.

Like any service business, human resources development is a prime focus. Extensive training programmes, seminars and store training are provided to keep product knowledge up to date and enable the staff working in the Optical Division to offer service excellence. 

Optik Melawai also operates on the basic principle of treating all suppliers and business contacs as members of an extended family network. By entering into professional, mutually beneficial partnership arrangements with suppliers, Optik Melawai strives to maintain and improve product and service quality while upholding exemplary business ethics and integrity.

Time Open : 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Location : Optik Melawai - Mega Mal Batam, Mega Mal Batam Center GF No.118-119, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : None


Mr. CUT Barbershop Batam - Berkunjung Batam

Barber shop for men with the latest hair style, a comfortable, and reasonably priced

Time Open : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Website :  Click Here Berkunjung Batam

Location : Mr. CUT Barbershop - Batam, Ruko Marbella (Shophouse) Block A1 No. 2, Jalan Tengku Sulung, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Call Service : 0822-3378-7627

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